Guinness World Records 2015 - page 22

Spice up your life:
the Scoville scale
Most bites in one minute
while juggling apples
Entertainer and juggler Michael Goudeau
(USA) took 151 bites from three apples while
juggling for 1 min on the set of
World Records Unleashed
in Los Angeles,
California, USA, on 20 Jun 2013.
Most pancakes
made in one hour
Ross McCurdy (USA)
singlehandedly made
1,092 pancakes in
Kingston, Washington,
USA, on 13 Aug 2013.
most pancakes
made in eight hours
by a team
is 76,382,
by Batter Blaster (USA)
on 9 May 2009.
Fastest field-to-
oven-cooked loaf
Australian farmer Neil Unger
had long wanted to take
the “paddock to plate”
challenge. The record had
stood unbroken since
1999, but with a team
of assistants he took
wheat from a field to
produce 13 loaves of
bread (a “baker’s dozen”) in
16 min 30.83 sec. The feat
took place in Cawdor, New
South Wales, Australia, on
11 Jan 2013.
Fastest time to eat
a bowl of pasta
Furious Pete, aka Peter
Czerwinski (CAN, pictured
on p.99), ate a bowl of
pasta in 41 sec on the set
Fun with food
75 litres of popcorn
a year – enough to fill a bath tub!
Most Bhut Jolokia chilli
peppers eaten in two minutes
The Bhut Jolokia, or ghost chilli, rates at
approximately 1,000,000 on the Scoville scale
(see below). On 19 Jun 2013, Jason
McNabb (USA) ate 66 g (2.33 oz)
of these chillis – more than
13 whole peppers
– in Los Angeles,
California, USA.
Abenteuer Leben
eins) in Sankt Peter-Ording,
Germany, on 13 Jul 2013.
Fastest time to eat a jam
doughnut with no hands
Oli White (UK) used no
hands and didn’t lick his lips
as he hoovered up a jam
doughnut in 28.75 sec at
Alexandra Palace in London,
UK, on 17 Aug 2013. It was
the third time in the space
of a year that the GWR
YouTube presenter managed
to break the record.
Bananas sliced with
a sword on a slackline
in one minute
A slackline is similar in look
to a tightrope, but is slung
much closer to the ground.
Veteran record-breaker
Ashrita Furman (USA)
balanced on a slackline
as he was thrown
36 bananas, each
of which he cut
in two in New
York, USA,
on 3 Aug
Ghost peppers can
burn bare skin, so
always wear latex
gloves if handling.
We have American chemist Wilbur Scoville
to thank for the scale that rates the chillies
we chomp. In 1912, long before high-
pressure liquid chromatography tests
in labs, he relied on taste alone. A grain
of chilli was dissolved in an alcoholic
solution added to sweetened water until
it could barely be noted by a panel of
testers. The more dilution required, the
higher the rating. See right for some
ratings from the scale still used – although
technology has replaced tasters.
Scoville rating
Scotch bonnet
Bhut Jolokia
800,000–1.04 million
Naga viper
1.38 million
Carolina reaper
(pictured left)
1.56 million
hottest chilli
Fastest time to crush
10 eggs:
12.64 sec,
Mauro Vagnini (ITA),
Milan, Italy, 28 Apr 2011
Most standing jumps
on to raw eggs without
breaking them:
Lan Guangping (CHN),
Beijing, China, 9 Sep 2013
Most eggs held
in one hand:
Silvio Sabba (ITA),
Milan, Italy, 19 May 2013
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