Guinness World Records 2015 - page 20

Grin Club Limited, Grin
Kitchen Limited and Ma On
Shan Tsung Tsin secondary
school (all HKG) in Hong
Kong, China, on 7 Sep 2013.
Try to guess how much food
you need for a barbecue for
45,252 people. Ingredients
used by Estado de Nuevo
León (MEX) included
15.5 tonnes (34,000 lb) of
angus beef with 18 tonnes
(39,500 lb) of onions and
15 tonnes (33,000 lb) of
corn tortillas, topped with
16 tonnes (35,000 lb) of
salsa. It took place in Parque
Fundidora in Monterrey,
Mexico, on 18 Aug 2013.
Barefoot walk
The National Service Scheme
Cell of Acharya Nagarjuna
University (IND) took 7,050
people for a shoe-free stroll
in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh,
India, on 12 Dec 2012.
Largest horse race
The Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing
Sport and Trainers registered 4,249 runners
in an 18-km (11.18-mi) race in Khui Doloon
Khudag, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, on 10 Aug
2013. The youngest rider was seven and
the oldest was 79.
Loudest stadium crowd roar
Fans of the Seattle Seahawks (USA) achieved
a 137.6-dB(A) roar at CenturyLink Stadium in
Seattle, Washington, USA, on 2 Dec 2013, in
a match against the New Orleans Saints. The
term “dB(A)” denotes decibel levels audible
to the human ear – i.e., excluding extreme
highs and lows.
AED training session
Automated External
Defibrillators (AED) diagnose
and treat heart conditions.
A training session for
2,109 participants on
the machines was held
Mass participation
by, Anne-Marie
Willems and René Verlaak
(all NLD) in Nijmegen,
Netherlands, on 29 May 2013.
Baking lesson
Much dough was kneaded
by 426 students of Green
Gathering of professional
clown doctors
Clown doctors can ease
difficult and frightening
procedures in hospital for
sick young people. On
Largest gathering of people
dressed as penguins
Children’s hospice Richard House got 325 oversized penguins
to waddle together in Wood Wharf, London, UK, on Guinness
World Records Day on 13 Nov 2013.
Largest religious crowd:
30 million, India, 2013
Largest funeral:
15 million, India, 1969
Largest papal crowd:
4 million, Philippines, 1995
Largest gathering of
3.5 million, India, 1999
Largest anti-war rally:
3 million, Italy, 2003
30 Jan 2013, a group of
153 clowns marked the
20th anniversary of the
clown doctoring work done
by the Theodora Foundation,
headquartered in Bern,
A gathering of 9,768 firefighters in Oct 2011 is almost
four times the population
of the Falkland Islands
Big banquets
In our 1962 edition, one of
the earliest examples of a
mass participation record
was reported. “Lyons
catered for the world’s
largest banquet at Olympia,
London, on 8th August,
1925. A total of 6,600
guests were seated at 5
miles of tables served by
1,360 waitresses supported
by 700 cooks and porters.
The occasion was a War
Memorial fund raising effort
by Freemasons.”
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