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Modern world
Most money
pledged on
Kickstarter for
On 1 Jul 2013,
US‑based Planetary
Resources raised
more than $1.5 m
(£989,000) for “A
Space Telescope
for Everyone”. The
project aims to launch
a publicly accessible
telescope that could
take photos of space
or allow people to have
their photo displayed
above Earth.
Most money pledged for
a Kickstarter comic project
Graphic designer Rich Burlew (USA) couldn’t
afford to reprint
The Order of the Stick
so turned to his fans. Almost 15,000 people
had pledged $1,254,120 (£790,570) by the
time the project closed on 21 Feb 2012.
bank robber used crowdsourcing
to hire a team of identically dressed workmen, aiding his escape
Most money pledged
for a Kickstarter project
The Pebble (USA) is a customizable watch with
internet connectivity, message and email alerts,
and access to sports and fitness apps. The watch
received pledges of $10,266,845 (£6,468,610)
by 19 May 2012, surpassing its goal 10-fold.
First crowdsourced
car design
The Rally Fighter, an off-road racer produced by
Local Motors (USA), represents the culmination
of 35,000 designs by 2,900 people from more
than 100 countries. The car made its debut at
the Specialty Equipment Market
Association Show in Las
Vegas, Nevada, USA,
on 3 Nov 2009.
For more on cars,
turn to p.186
What is
Kickstarter was founded
by Perry Chen, Yancey
Strickler and Charles
Adler (all USA) in New
York, USA, and launched
on 28 Apr 2009. The
concept allows investors
to pledge money towards
creative projects in
return for rewards and
experiences. However,
the funds are only handed
over if the project’s entire
funding goal is met.
First use of the term
In 2005, US journalist
Jeff Howe coined the term
“crowdsourcing” while
pitching an article about how
the internet was being used
to outsource work to the
general public, or “crowd”.
The article
in the Jun 2006 edition of
under the title “The
Rise of Crowdsourcing”.
Largest platform
for crowdfunding
From Kickstarter’s
launch on 28 Apr
2009 until 4 Mar 2014,
5.7 million people pledged
a total of $1,001,567,335
(£598,870,000). This
support has aided
57,171 projects to meet
their funding goals.
First crowdsourced
military vehicle design
The XC2V FLYPMode, made
by Local Motors and the US
Defense Advanced Research
Projects Agency (DARPA),
used design ideas from
more than 150 people. Built
to replace the Humvee, the
prototype was presented to
President Obama in 2011.
Highest chart placing
by a crowdfunded album
Theatre is Evil
, an album by
Amanda Palmer and The
Grand Theft Orchestra (USA,
see above right), achieved
a top 10 placing on the
 200 on its release
in Sep 2012 – the highest
position achieved by a
crowdfunded music release.
Fastest Kickstarter
project to
reach $1 m
On 27 Oct
2013, “Reaper
Bones II”
(USA) –
a project
created to
fund an expansion
of the miniatures
range – sped to
a pledge total of
$1 m (£618,000) in
just 2 hr 41 min 51 sec.
Crowdsourcing is nothing new. In the UK, the Oxford
English Dictionary (left) received six million suggestions
from the public when it first solicited entries in the
1850s, while Nelson’s Column (below left, erected
1843) was paid for in part from public subscriptions
(crowdfunding). In 1567, England’s Queen Elizabeth I
effectively crowdfunded the enlarging of the Navy by
initiating the first national lottery. Competitions can also
be considered a form of crowdsourcing: the Longitude
Prize in the 1700s, for example, sought to find a solution
to determining a ship’s longitude at sea – a problem
finally solved in 1756 by John Harrison (right).
Group efforts:
the history of crowdsourcing
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