Guinness World Records 2015 - page 13

Fastest time to
climb all 8,000ers
Kim Chang-Ho (KOR) climbed the 14 mountains
over 8,000 m (26,246 ft) in a time of 7 years
310 days, starting with his summit of Nanga
Parbat on 14 Jul 2005 and ending with Everest
on 20 May 2013. Significantly, he completed
all climbs without supplemental oxygen.
First person to climb the
Triple Seven Summits
Building on the idea of the Seven Summits,
the Triple Seven Summits refers to climbing
the three highest mountains on each continent.
Christian Stangl (AUT) was the first to achieve
the feat when he finished with Europe’s third-
highest mountain, Shkhara, on 23 Aug 2013.
While achieving this hat-trick, Stangl
also became the
first person to climb the
Seven Second Summits
and the
Seven Third
, having conquered the second‑highest
mountain on each continent by 15 Jan 2013.
“Ice axe: to climb
on icy terrain.”
“Harness: provides
the link between your
body and the rope.”
“Trousers and jacket:
waterproofed and
with insulation.”
and with good
“Carabiners and
quickdraws: for safety
and to provide quick
connection to the
rope while climbing.”
“Glasses: to protect the
eyes from the Sun’s UV
radiation and wind.”
“Helmet: to protect the
head from falling rocks
and chunks of ice.”
“Gloves: to
protect against
the cold.”
“Crampons: steel
frame with spikes,
essential to get a
grip on icy ground.”
“Rope: for protection
in case of a fall and to
rappel [abseil].”
first female to
climb Kangchenjunga
was Ginette Harrison
(UK), who summitted via
the north-west face on
18 May 1998.
Person to climb the Seven
Summits (Messner list)
Takao Arayama (JPN,
b. 4 Oct 1935) completed his
final Seven Summits climb
on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
on 18 Feb 2010, at the age
of 74 years 138 days.
Carol Masheter
(USA, b. 10 Oct 1946)
completed her last Seven
Summits climb of the
Messner list with an ascent
of Carstensz Pyramid on
12 Jul 2012, at the age of
65 years 276 days. Masheter
also climbed Kosciuszko on
17 Mar 2012, thus becoming
oldest female to climb
the Bass list
Person to climb the
Seven Summits (Bass list)
Ramón Blanco (ESP,
b. 30 Apr 1933) completed
the last mountain on the
Bass list on 29 Dec 2003,
aged 70 years 244 days old.
Person to climb an
8,000er without bottled
Only five people older than
65 have summitted an
8,000er without the use
of bottled oxygen. The
oldest of these was Boris
Korshunov (RUS, b. 31 Aug
1935), who climbed Cho
Oyu on 2 Oct 2007 aged
72 years 32 days. However,
as some alpinists dispute
Korshunov’s claim, the
undisputed record goes to
Carlos Soria (ESP, b. 5 Feb
1939), who summitted
Manaslu on 1 Oct 2010,
aged 71 years 238 days.
Second Summits Third Summits
Batian (5,199 m)
Mawenzi (5,148 m)
Tyree (4,852 m)
Shinn (4,660 m)
K2 (8,611 m)
(8,586 m)
Australasia Sumantri (4,870 m)
Puncak Mandala
(4,758 m)
Dykh-tau (5,205 m)
Shkhara (5,193 m)
North America Logan (5,959 m)
Orizaba (5,636 m)
South America Ojos del Salado
(6,893 m)
Pissis (6,795 m)
Kim Chang-Ho made a
sea-to-summit ascent
of Everest, starting
from sea level at the
Bay of Bengal.
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